About Woodchucks

Woodchucks products are second to none, proven by our 15 years of moulding production in the Edmonton, Alberta area.  We produce the highest quality products, and provide the services to match.

Woodchucks offers a wide range of products for your project.  If you can't find what you`re looking for in our immense Product Catalogue, we're able to custom create any pattern or design with our in-house custom tooling system.  We're able to match most designs you bring us, and we can do it with almost any type of hardwood imaginable.  We have a complete line of domestic hardwood in stock, but we can also bring in exotic hardwoods from anywhere in the world.

Woodchucks is the mouldings expert in Edmonton, Alberta.  Contact Us, or simply come and see us at Our Location and experience our products and service.


About Our Company and its Partners

Woodchucks is a Hardwood Moulding and Manufacturing plant owned and operated by Sandhills Manufacturing Ltd..  Woodchucks sells wholesale to retailers, or also sells in a retail format to small businesses or individuals.  Sandhills Manufacturing, Woodchucks, and Ply-Lam Manufacturing are all able to provide a part of the Sandhills full line of products for your home or office project.

Sandhills Manufacturing specializes in the production of stairs for the Edmonton, Alberta area.  Sandhills can produce everything from finished grade custom interior staircases, to construction grade exterior staircases, and everything in between.  Sandhills Manufacturing produces the railings to match any project as well, and installs all of their products.

Woodchucks produces both in-stock and custom mouldings for any part of your home/office project. See our Product Catalogue to see all our products.

Ply-Lam is an engineered wood product developed primarily for use in the stair building industry. Ply-Lam was designed to be used as stringer material in all types of wood stairs. Ply Lam is used as a replacement for the dimensional lumber (2x10 or 2x12) most commonly used for Construction-Grade stairs and as a “sub-stringer” for Finished-Grade (veneered) stringers.

Sandhills ManufacturingWoodchucks, and Ply-Lam Manufacturing are all based in Edmonton, Alberta, but all three have partners in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  See the Ply-Lam Partners page for more details.